KA-CHING!! 1st rig up and running!

Wow! What a lot of work! I ran into a fistfull of problems using outdated hardware.
I got it working! I am using a Dell Dimension3000, XP-Pro32 bit.

Dont laugh! haha, I know you guys are rolling on the floor!

This Dell is a dusty ol heap, upgraded processor and video card nVidia GeForce 5500.
I tried to build it with that video card and nothing worked Ubuntu 10 thru 13.10 – frustrated.

I even tried to compile CGMiner with the nVidia drivers !!
After trying all sorts of Debian installs and formats, I dusted off the ol xp pro hard drive and followed CryptoJunky on twitter.

I am in your debt! expect a donation coming soon! Your Guide helped me so much, you made it so eazy!


Thank you!

Next step I am going to make is getting a raspberry PI, coupled with a usb bank of blue bitfury’s.


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CompTIA Certified, and bitcoin hobbyist.

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